Juliana Wagner

Stage and Screen Actress | Host

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Follow this way to the renowned Lee Strasberg Theater und Film Institut in New York City.

German Sports University Cologne (DSHS Köln), largest sports university in the world.

IFS - Internationale Filmschule Köln, a full study and further education institution for Film and TV professionals.




Hajo Drees (Cologne/Germany)
Gloria Jansen (Belgium&Germany)

Isabel Herrmann (Hamburg/Germany)

Julia Hildebrand (Munich/Germany)

Ingolf Hatz (Munich/Germany)

Alexandra Vaccino (New York City)

Gonzalo Marroquin (New York City)

Fabian Stürtz (Cologne/Germany)

Robert Schultze (Berlin/Germany)



More recommendations:

Estrela Straus - a great friend and a role model as an artist and in real life. She is an actress, director and teacher. Read her blog and learn from her life and experiences in the arts. It's inspiring!


Camila Holmgreen is an amazing director, editor and screen writer based in New York City.


Jasmin Tabatabai, stage and screen actress. Her work has always been an inspiration and motivation to me.


Eiermann TV, TV production company in Cologne.


Paul Calderon is an actor and one of my favorite teachers at the
Lee Strasberg Institute. His approach to (camera-)acting is relaxed,
settled, specific and demanding all at the same time. His credits
include Pulp Fiction, Law & Order, Miami Vice and many more.


International Theatre New York. Robert Castle and Alejandra Orozco both are successful actors and directors - as well as inspiring teachers.


Beardi Webdesign, Create websites, conception, development, design, programming.

Carmen Gante, Make-Up Artist based in Aachen (Germany).

Special thanks to Robert Ellerman!!! :-)